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I am a multidisciplinary designer and artist based in West Sussex. I am always looking for exciting new projects.

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My name is James Waters and I am a digital designer originally from London, but now based in West Sussex. I have a broad mix of both creative and technical skills that I love experimenting with to produce stunning work. I am always pushing myself and looking to learn new skills, as well as developing my existing skills.

My Skills

Graphic Design
2D Animation
Motion Graphics
Video Editing
Book layout and design

Web Design
Email design
Coding (HTML and CSS)
CMS (Wordpress and Joomla)
Desktop Publishing


Ravensbourne University
BA (Hons) Animation
Passed with a 2:1

My interests

Outside of freelance work, I am an artist and I am passionate about many different forms of creativity. I really enjoy drawing and painting using both traditional and digital methods.

I enjoy music; I play the guitar and I like going to see live music. I am interested in martial arts and I currently practice a martial art called Wing Chun. I am keen on travelling and I am looking to do more travelling around the world in the future.

I am really into comics and I am in the process of writing my own comic. I am also into game design and I am presently teaching myself Unreal Engine.

If you would like me to produce some work for you, feel free to contact me, using the form below and we can discuss what you need and how much it will cost you. And don’t forget to follow me on social media to see what I am up to!


A Smart Meter Solution

Synergy Outsourcing

Graphic Design

MyOffers social media idents


Motion Graphics

Win £500 to spend on petrol


Photo Editing

Super Nintendo Mini

Testers Keepers


Bedroom Renovation


Graphic Design, Illustration, Photo Editing

Malibu promotion

Testers Keepers


I'm a beetle

Personal project

Game Design

Purrfect Stay cattery website

Purrfect Stay

Web Design

Mario Kart promotion image

Testers Keepers

Graphic Design

Amazon Echo vs. Google Home

Testers Keepers

Graphic Design

Life Fitness Banner


Graphic Design, Photo Editing

Out of the Box

Leroy Smith

Book Layout, Graphic Design

FLYKICK. ident

FLYKICK./Personal project

Motion Graphics

Contact me

If you're interested in my work, feel free to give me a shout using the form below.