Logo design
I designed the logo for the game.  Here is the logo in both colour and monochrome.
Promotional posters
These are two posters that I produced to promote the game.  The first one features several of the characters that will appear in the game. I designed the second one as I wanted to visualise what type of poster the owl would put up around the forest to encourage fellow forest animals to join the resistance and save the forest.
Character designs
Here are some front and side views of two of the characters I designed for the game - the Owl and the Woodpecker.

Environmental design
Here is an environment I drew that was also intended to appear in the game.  This is the woodpecker's workshop.

UX/UI Design
I also did some of the UX/UI design for the game and I created the following stills as mock-ups of the gameplay to demonstrate how the interface would function and how the player would engage with the game.